Our Institute

BRILLIANCE, BRILLIANCE, BRILLIANCE... The name vibrates to the minds of students ever since we came into existence in the year 2006. Since then, we learnt a lot and delivered our best knowledge to the students which reflects in their results time and again. Our existence is the living proof of our students contributing immensely to the development of new industries in India and abroad.
Our mission is different: not only are we teaching them for completing their school syllabi but also providing them with a better way of advanced thinking, focussing on their future career growth and helping them become a good human being to hold the responsibility of our nation.

We break the word 'Education' into three categories: School Education, College Education and Career Education. 'School Education' complies with the prescribed school syllabi where students get optimum nourishment for their lessons. 'College Education' is the most important part where students get focussed on their future goals along with their current studies.'Career Education' complies with competitive studies where students get lessons for government and non-government level entrance examinations.
Friends, time is very limited and precious also. So, in the short span of time we have to complete a lot of programmes towards School Education, College Education and Career Education or Competitive Tests.
So, sync yourselves to the tune of Brilliance.